Explore 4.7 Miles Of Unparalleled Views Of Lake Michigan On The Scenic Cowles Bog Trail In Indiana

People don’t usually equate Indiana with beautiful, sandy beaches, but maybe it’s time they started to. Did you know that there are parts of Indiana that are so perfectly beachy that you might just forget you’re still in the Hoosier state? It’s true! In fact, Cowles Bog Trail In Indiana offers such breathtaking views of Lake Michigan that we think you’ll come back over and over despite the moderate difficulty level of the hike. It’s beautiful and amazingly diverse – you’ll soon see what we mean.

Cowles Bog Trail in Indiana is easily one of the best hiking trails in Indiana. It’s open daily, from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., and dogs are welcome on a leash. There is no cost of admission; this Hoosier gem is totally free to enjoy. The most heavily-tracked months are from May to October, though we can promise you the views will take your breath away even in the coldest of months. There’s nothing quite like seeing all of the plants in bloom, though. For more information, including information about the region and any potential closures, please visit the NPS.gov website.

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Have you ever visited the Cowles Bog Trail in Indiana? Did you make it all the way to the lake view at the end? Tell us your stories (and share your pictures with us) in the comments below!


Address: 1450 N Mineral Springs Rd, Dune Acres, IN 46304, USA