5 Unbelievable Indiana Waterfalls Hiding In Plain Sight… No Hiking Required

Waterfalls are pretty amazing, but often it’s quite a feat hiking, biking, or climbing in order to find them. For trips involving children, hiking might be out of the question. Instant access to waterfalls, however, can make for an easy and rewarding trip. We’ve brought you some awesome waterfalls roadtrips in both Northern and Southern Indiana, but if you’re looking for access to amazing waterfalls without hours of sweat and hiking, check out these 5 waterfalls hiding in plain sight.

1. Thistlethwaite Falls – Richmond

This manmade waterfall in Richmond, Indiana is quite a sight to behold. It holds all of the beauty of a natural waterfall and it’s nearly impossible to tell it was manmade. Best of all, you won’t have to spend precious minutes hiking to find it.


2. Williamsport Falls – Williamsport

This waterfall is pretty incredible and is actually the longest free falling waterfall in Indiana. It’s also super easy to access. You can park very close to the falls and take a look from your car or walk outside for a closer view. This narrow, 90 foot long waterfall is definitely worth a trip to see.


3. Cataract Falls – Cloverdale

With an upper and lower waterfall, these falls are pretty phenomenal to observe. Cataract Falls is actually the largest waterfall (by volume) in Indiana, and one of the best to observe. While you can hike to the falls, you can also easily drive to both the upper and lower portions.


4. Anderson Falls – Hartsville

These falls are simple to get to, with parking extremely close by. These falls are only 12 feet tall, but they span for over 100 feet wide, making them pretty impressive to observe.


5. Clifty Falls – Madison

You’ll need to do just a small bit of walking to behold this waterfall, however a parking lot sits just outside of the trail entrance. Walk down the stairs of Trail 7 and you’ll be able to behold the gorgeous Clifty Falls in Madison, Indiana. If you feel like walking more, you can hike through the park for a closer glimpse and looks at the other three waterfalls in the park.

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