This Spectacular Waterfall is Indiana’s Natural Hidden Gem

If there’s one thing that most people can probably agree on, it’s this: waterfalls are incredible. Have you ever had the chance to stand up close to a waterfall and really take it in? Did you know there are several waterfalls in the state of Indiana? Today, we want to take a closer look at Cataract Falls; how much do you know about this hidden waterfall in Indiana?

We think it is safe to say that Cataract Falls is gorgeous, and the history is pretty interesting as well! Did you like learning more about Cataract Falls? Is there something else in Indiana you would like to learn more about? If so, let us know by submitting this form. You never know when you’ll see your idea featured!

Which hidden waterfall in Indiana is your favorite?

Address: Cataract Falls, Jennings Township, IN, USA
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Hidden Waterfall in Indiana

August 09, 2021

Which Indiana waterfalls should I add to my bucket list? 

Goodness, where to begin! Indiana boasts a grand total of more than 20 waterfalls scattered all over the state, and each of them are lovely in its own way. There is a decently sized handful, though, of particularly remarkable cascades. Some of those include beautiful Cataract Falls, which you’ve just read about. Then, there are the waterfalls at beautiful Clifty Falls State Park, which will take your breath away from the moment you first lay eyes on them. There is also Thistlethwaite Falls, in Richmond, which are frequently said to be among the best of the best of Indiana waterfalls.  

What are some great hidden gems in Indiana?  

Indiana is a pretty fun state once you get the hang of scouting out all the cool things to do! Some of our favorite Hoosier State hidden gems include the impressive Ardmore Quarry, in Fort Wayne, which has produced billions of tons of limestone and other important materials over the decades. Cowles Bog, in Chesterton, is an underrated little oddity featuring a delicate ecosystem within Indiana Dunes State Park (read more about it here). And, if you’re ever in Shoals, you’ve got to check out the bizarre and intriguing Jug Rock, which is the single largest freestanding rock formation east of the Mississippi.  

How big is Cataract Falls in Indiana? 

The majesty of Cataract Falls is actually split between two waterfalls, which are about a mile apart. The total height of the Upper Falls is somewhere around 45 feet, while the total height of the Lower Falls is around 30 feet. They are the largest falls by volume in all of Indiana, and they’re remarkably beautiful all year round. The falls are popular with photographers for obvious reasons; they’re a stunning testament to the beauty of Indiana’s wilds.  

Address: Cataract Falls, Jennings Township, IN, USA