The Hidden Illinois Castle, RavenStone, Makes You Feel Like You’re In A Fairy Tale

It’s not every day that you run across a castle in Illinois. They are a bit of a rarity. And it’s even more unusual if you can actually stay at one. But at the RavenStone Castle in Harvard, Illinois, you can go on a tour or even spend the night. It’s a massive castle, and the inside is as cool as the outside. The intricate architecture and whimsical decorations will make you feel like you stepped inside a fairy tale. It’s easy to see why people call this the best castle in Illinois.

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Looking for more old-world fun? This isn’t the only medieval attraction in the area. For more castle getaways in Illinois, check out these seven places.

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Address: 4504 IL-23, Harvard, IL 60033, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

best castle in Illinois

November 23, 2019

Can you spend the night in a castle in Illinois?

RavenStone isn’t the only castle you can spend the night in. Guests can also book a room at the Castle of Palmyra. This astonishing place is located at 27687 Deep Rock Station Road, but it’ll make you feel like you’re a million miles away from it all. Enjoy the perfectly decorated rooms and well manicured lawns. This place will definitely make you feel like royalty. To learn more, read our feature article here.

Are there any abandoned castles in Illinois?

If you’re looking for abandoned castles in Illinois, head over to the Hartford Castle. This massive mansion was built by a French immigrant named Benjamin Biszant. After the death of his beloved wife, Biszant sold the mansion and moved away. Later, vandals destroyed the house’s interior. All that remains is a hole in the ground surrounded by an empty moat.

What is the largest castle in Illinois?

It’s difficult to know which is the largest castle in Illinois, but there are many majestic ones in this state. The Busboom Castle is a spacious wedding venue that’s fit for royalty. The Bettendorf Castle is another impressive building that’s dazzled visitors for decades.