The Stunning Building In Illinois That Looks Just Like Hogwarts

Traveling through Chicago’s northwestern suburbs, you might just think you’ve stumbled upon Hogwarts in Illinois when you spot the stunning Bettendorf Castle in the village of Fox River Grove. The castle was built by its namesake, Theodore Bettendorf, who grew up among the historic palaces of his native Luxembourg, immigrated to Illinois and began construction on his own castle in 1931. It took more than three decades to complete, and it’s the closest thing to the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that you’ll find in the Land of Lincoln.

Surprisingly, Illinois is home to several castles – you can even spend the night at a couple of them. However, they don’t all look as much like Hogwarts as Bettendorf Castle. Or do they? Is there another place in Illinois that you think looks more like Hogwarts?

Address: 418 Concord Ave, Fox River Grove, IL 60021, USA

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