The Spooky (Almost) Ghost Town In Idaho With Fewer Than 10 Residents

Exploring Idaho’s creepy old ghost towns is an adventure that seems to never get old. There’s something both mystifying and a little spooky about wandering through the remains of a once bustling town. You can’t help but wonder about the rich history that resides in these places, and the particular town featured below is known to be chock full of it. This place isn’t technically a ghost town since a handful of residents still remain here. However, you can’t help but wonder how anyone could live in such a desolate and remote community. Exploring this spooky ghost town is a must for any Idaho adventurer so check it out!

Have you had the chance to visit this spooky ghost town? It’s hard to believe a few people still live here. This old town has certainly seen better days. If you enjoy exploring our state’s abandoned places, you’ll definitely want to check out This Haunting Road Trip Through Idaho’s Ghost Towns.