Hiking To This Aboveground Cave In Idaho Will Give You A Surreal Experience

Much like Bear Lake is shared between Idaho and Utah, so too is this special hiking destination a fabulous multi-state gem. Tucked right on the border (or less than a mile over, depending on how you measure) between Idaho and Wyoming is the Darby Wind Cave. This local favorite connects to the canyon’s ice cave, which produces the frigid wind that flows through the opening. The cave itself is a deep, winding part of the unique Darby formation, which is a thick layer of ancient dolomite.

Chilly, exhilarating, refreshing, scenic, and a host of beautiful adjectives come to mind to describe this magnificent aboveground wind cave and the hike to get here, but really the only way to comprehend the loveliness of this natural wonder and its surrounding scenery is to see it firsthand. Boasting towering forests and flowered meadows, with an icy cascade descending from a cave as its crowning jewel, there is no other hike like this one.

This hike has repeatedly been named as one of the best in the country – don’t miss out!

Getting here: From Driggs, drive south on Highway 33. Three miles south of town, turn east onto 3000 South. Drive 3.2 miles and turn right at the T-intersection. Follow the signs to the South Darby trailhead.

For more adventure beyond the Idaho state line, the trail up to the caves can also be used as an access point to the legendary Teton Crest Trail. You can also continue on for another mile or so to reach the ice cave; however, proper equipment is needed to go inside. Be safe, and be sure to share your stories with us! For another fantastic hike (without the climb), check out this stunning hidden volcanic canyon.