This Relaxing Trail System In Idaho Is The Perfect Urban Escape

Idaho truly is a magical spot for hikers of every level and age group. With nearly 5 million acres of wilderness, our state is beyond perfect for exploring, no matter your recreation or adventuring style. But for those who want a quick escape into nature without an extended road trip or investing in expensive gear, urban hiking is the perfect option! Fortunately, Idaho’s capital city is particularly blessed to be nestled in a picturesque valley beneath the foothills, which are gentle enough to be hiked and explored by nearly everyone.

Boise’s Ridge to Rivers Trail System is an uniquely interconnected network of roads and trails that courses through Boise’s landmark hills. With over 190 miles of trails, many of which are specific to particular user types and pet-friendly, this natural and beautiful escape just outside the city is worth exploring over and over, and simply full of easy hikes that also provide breathtaking views and scenic vistas.

The magnificent beauty of Boise’s Ridge to Rivers Trail System is that it never fails to surprise, relax, and inspire those who explore it. Every season on the trails offers something different to see and experience — and it’s right in the heart of downtown. Yet, despite its urban locale, these trails through the foothills will make you feel a million miles away. No other state has anything like it!

For maps of each of the trails mentioned above (and dozens more), check out the City of Boise’s Ridge to Rivers website.

For trail conditions as the seasons continue to change, check out the official page here.

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