This Beautiful Covered Bridge In Idaho Is Actually A Market And You Need To Visit

There are times when the magic of the holidays can get lost in the shuffle of bustling malls, crowded parking lots, and the occasional winded race to the next open checkout register. But if there are two things that Idahoans love, it is the community that comes from shopping local…and epic views of Idaho’s natural beauty. But why not have both, and wrap them all up in a charming, rustic package?

Rather than push your way through elbow-to-elbow shoppers, you can meander through a quaint village of artisan shops, cozy boutiques, and unique restaurants in a perfect historic setting. Even more delightful, what if those shops were all set in a lovely waterfront location overlooking a rippling creek and tucked away in one of the most charming mountain towns Idaho has to offer? Welcome to Cedar Street!

It’s easy to spend a relaxing day Christmas or window shopping at this enchanting waterfront village in Sandpoint, but it’s also incredible to see Idaho’s history preserved in a way that brings the entire community together!

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