Take These 12 Roads In Hawaii For An Unforgettable Scenic Drive

The Hawaiian Islands are home to unsurpassed natural beauty, and while there are some wonders that can only be seen via strenuous hiking trails, or even helicopter tours, there are others that simply require a vehicle — as well as a camera, some snacks, and a killer driving playlist. From Kauai to Hawaii Island, these 12 roads, highways, and byways are among the prettiest in all of Hawaii and are absolutely perfect for a scenic drive. So, what are you waiting for? The next time you start to experience a little island fever, hop in the car and experience one of these scenic drives in Hawaii for yourself.

Did your favorite scenic drive in Hawaii make this list? If not, share your favorite go-to drive with us in the comments below, then click here to learn more about the highest road in Hawaii.

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Scenic Drives in Hawaii

May 11, 2020

What are the best road trips through Hawaii? 

The Hawaiian Islands are home to incredible road trip destinations, so it really just depends on what you want to see. History buffs will love this road trip across Oahu while coffee lovers will enjoy this Hawaii Island itinerary that leads to Kona’s best coffee farms. Of course, everyone will love this gorgeous road trip across Kauai.

What is the most famous scenic drive in Hawaii?

The Aloha State is home to several incredible scenic drives as evidenced above, but the most famous is easily the Road to Hana. This infamous 64.4-mile highway that stretches from Kahului to Hana is popular not for the destination — Hana Town — but for the incredible journey it takes to get there: namely its 620 curves and 59 bridges, most of which are just one-lane wide. What is the most famous road in Hawaii? 

Where can I go on one tank of gas in Hawaii?

Anywhere you want, really! Even driving around the perimeter of Hawaii Island — the largest of the Hawaiian Islands — measures in at less than 300 miles total. Please note: it’s smart to have a full tank of gas ready to go if you choose to drive to any of Hawaii’s more remote destinations. You don’t want to realize your tank is on empty when you’re miles upon miles from the nearest gas station.

Address: Hawaii, USA