The Ultimate Oahu Road Trip Is Right Here – And You’ll Definitely Want To Do It.

Oahu, the most populated island in Hawaii and home to the state’s capital, is full of magnificent beaches, lookout points, attractions, hiking, and restaurants. Whether you’ve lived on Oahu your entire life and just want to find a new way to spend a Saturday, are visiting from a neighboring island, or are headed to Hawaii for vacation, we’ve created the ultimate Oahu road trip.

This road trip is approximately 115 miles, and at just under four hours of drive time, is easily completed in one day. We’ve included a link to the Google Map here, and if desired, the road trip can be customized to your particular interests.

At Only in Hawaii, we’ve started and ended this road trip at Waikiki Beach, but you can obviously start from any one of these points, depending on where you live, or are staying while on vacation. Don’t forget to pack up your car with the essentials: swimsuits, towels, a camera and a stellar road trip mix.

Who’s up for an amazing road trip around Oahu?