These Secret Swimming Holes Hidden In The Hawaiian Forest Are Sure To Dazzle You

Maui’s Hana Highway is perhaps the most popular scenic drive on the island — and possibly all of Hawaii. This infamous 64.4-mile drive that stretches from Kahului to Hana is popular not for the destination — Hana Town — but for the incredible journey it takes to get there and the natural wonders you’ll find along the way. While many of the stops are overcrowded with tourists, the road to Hana leads to four swimming holes you’ll find hidden in a bamboo forest. These are some of Hawaii’s best-kept secrets, and you might even have them all to yourself.

Because this incredible destination is stream-fed, it is important to issue a friendly warning about the risks associated with flash flooding, and leptospirosis bacteria found in many of Hawaii’s natural pools. It is advised that you check weather reports and ocean conditions before heading out for the day, never swim in these pools when you have open wounds, and to always watch your step. With that warning out of the way, let’s dive in!

This stunning natural oasis is located at 8310 Hana Hwy., Haiku, HI 96708. Have experienced these hidden swimming holes along the road to Hana for yourself? Share your experiences and opinions in the comments below. If you’d rather stay on the beaten path, check out this waterfall road trip that takes you to 9 of the best waterfalls found along the Hana Highway.

While in Hana, why not check out the famous Hana Burger? It’s a treat!

Address: Hana Highway, Hana Hwy, Hawaii, USA
Address: Hana Highway, Hana Hwy, Hawaii, USA
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Road To Hana Swimming Holes

August 03, 2022

 What are some popular Hawaii swimming holes? 

There are plenty of swimming holes in Hawaii. One place many people never forget is the Queen’s Bath.  It’s a saltwater swimming hole located on Kauai’s north shore, and it’s stunning. It’s also dangerous, so please be careful.

Maunawili Falls is popular for good reason. It’s located along a moderate hike and has a fun jump-off point.

For a list of great swimming holes check out the article entitled If You Didn’t Know About These 12 Swimming Holes In Hawaii, They’re A Must Visit. You will find something you want to see!

Are there other secret swimming holes in Hawaii?

Hawaii is a popular place, yet there are still plenty of places to enjoy nature away from the crowds. 10 Little Known Swimming Spots In Hawaii That Will Make Your Summer Awesome will lead you to some nice spots. 

This Underrated Trail In Hawaii Leads To A Hidden Turquoise Swimming Hole will give directions to two lesser-known spots by way of a trail inside Pua’a Ka’a State Wayside.


What else is there to do along the Road to Hana? 

For many, the drive itself is the deal. It’s an incredible journey with lots to see along the way. However, there are fun things to do. 

You will certainly want to stop off to eat. Hana Burger mentioned at the end of the article is one stop you could take. Many visitors love the Spam burger.

Braddah Hutts BBQ Grill is another wonderful choice. It has a home cooking vibe with large portions. Folks love it.

You could also try Hana Ranch Restaurant, which receives rave reviews and has a large variety of options. It’s casual, yet it does have a special ambiance guided by the farm-to-table aesthetic. 

There is also a forest loaded with eucalyptus trees. You should see it! They are beautiful and you can read all about them in the article The Enchanting Forest In Hawaii That’s Loaded With Beautiful Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees.


Address: Hana Highway, Hana Hwy, Hawaii, USA
Address: Hana Highway, Hana Hwy, Hawaii, USA