Queen’s Bath in Hawaii is a beautiful but dangerous swimming hole found in Princeville on Kauai. It’s a popular attraction for obvious reasons; the rocky coast has formed many large tide pools and partially protected inlets that create spots of calmer waters sheltered from the surf. It is only a short, 10-minute walk to Queen’s Bath and the other nearby pools, and the strikingly clear waters are tempting to take a dip in… but be very careful! High surf (especially in the winter, but should not be neglected any time of the year) and crashing waves can make these areas very dangerous, and there are many people who have been swept away and even drowned by the tides. It might just be one of the most dangerous places in Hawaii!

This video, shared by HawaiiGaga on YouTube, shows both the incredible beauty of Queen’s Bath and just how powerful the incoming surf can be:


This video was shared by HawaiiGaga on YouTube; check out the channel to see more awesome footage!

In general, it is safe to swim in Queen’s Bath when the surf is less than four feet, but keep in mind that larger waves can and sometimes do come in unexpectedly.

Check the surf report before you go – many people make the mistake of simply watching the waves and assuming the calm waters are an indicator of safety. Surfline is a great resource for surf predictions – here’s the link to the North Kauai Conditions Report.

For more information about this beautiful but dangerous Kauai attraction, including maps and safety tips, visit the HawaiiGaga website – here’s their link to the Queen’s Bath page.

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Queens Bath in Hawaii

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