12 Amazing Flea Markets In Georgia That Are Ideal For Treasure Hunting

Everyone loves a good bargain, right? There is nothing quite like the thrill of coming across something that is PERFECT for you or your house and then realizing it’s dang near 50% off. Well, that’s oftentimes what a flea market is, a giant treasure trove of goodies (antiques, gifts, food, clothing, etc.,) all for way less than what you’d normally pay in say, a department store. We wrote a few years back about some of the best flea markets in Georgia. So consider this a part II of sorts.

Georgia has some pretty phenomenal flea markets, which means that if you need something to fill in the gaps of your upcoming weekend, then these are the places to do it. Check out this comprehensive list of the best flea markets in Georgia.

Have you visited any of the best flea markets in Georgia before? Which have been your favorites? Again, if you haven’t seen your go-to flea market in Georgia, it may be on our Part I list here: must-visit flea markets in Georgia where you’ll find awesome stuff. However, if we still missed a Georgia flea market that you adore, be sure to share the best flea markets near you with us!

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Best Flea Markets In Georgia

August 23, 2020

What are the biggest flea markets in Georgia?

There are certainly some good deals to be had in Georgia. Swap meets and flea markets are good places to start. Here are some of the biggest flea markets in Georgia to get some great deals:

  • La Vaquita Flea Market, Pendergrass, GA: Definitely one of Georgia's biggest flea markets, La Vaquita Flea Market is about 45 minutes northeast of Atlanta.
  • Peachtree Peddler's Flea Market & Antique Centre, McDonough, GA: If you are looking for anything from clothing to electronics this big flea market in Georgia has got you covered.
  • Smiley's Flea Market, Macon, GA: One of the best markets in Macon, you'll find over 1,000 vendors with all sorts of vintage and collectible goodies, clothing, handmade items, and well, just about anything you can imagine.
  • Barnyard Flea Market, Augusta, GA: Handmade toys, vintage collectibles, and lots of good food await you at this fun flea market in Augusta.
  • Keller's Flea Market, Savannah, GA: This flea market has been running since 1985 with over 400 vendors plus six concession stands to grab lunch or a snack to keep you going.
  • River Street Market Place, Savannah, GA: If you are looking for good deals on artsy crafts and gifts this open-air market on the waterfront is a great find. With both local and international items for sale, you'll find some interesting items to make memorable gifts.
  • La Vaquita Flea Market, Pendergrass, GA: With over 700 vendors you are sure to find some goodies. Collectibles, furniture, antiques, artwork, and more. You'll even find a wide selection of local fruit and vegetables.


Where can I find unique shopping destinations in Georgia?

It’s not solely about thrift shops in Georgia or antique stores, but unique shopping experiences, too. In fact,  there is a general store in Georgia called Aunt B’s, which offers up a shopping adventure in a charming little store. Or, you can also look for some awesome holiday shopping too,  like the German Christmas Market, Christkindl, which takes place in Atlanta.

Are there any nostalgic stores in Georgia?

Looking for a little bit of nostalgia to throw in the mix? Maybe not one of the places to shop for deals in Georgia, but rather a place that holds a lot of history? We recommend exploring the oldest general store in Georgia, the Old Sautee General Store, which has been open since 1872 and still offers local staples like eggs, flour, animal feed, and butter.