For anyone sick of hearing that visiting Florida is solely about exploring Walt Disney World, this list is for you. We’ve made a comprehensive list of some of the best hidden gems in Florida, including state parks where you can explore caverns or swim with manatees, quiet beaches where you can actually relax, verdant gardens, and top-notch restaurants. Sound like a dreamy way to escape your staycation rut?

So gas up the car and start exploring everything our beautiful state really has to offer.

The truth is, we live in a vast state, so of course, no single list could gather all of the best hidden gems in Florida. Plus, the very best ones are probably still well hidden. But if you happen to know of a spot that we missed above and you think your fellow Floridians would love to hear about it, then shout it out in the comments section below!

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Best Hidden Gems In Florida

What are the most unique things to do in Florida?

Florida has tons of attractions that you won’t find anywhere else in the world, and no, we’re not talking about Disney World. Some of the most unique things to do in Florida are often right under our noses! Take a look at this list of 14 things you can only find in Florida and prepare to be amazed.

How has Florida changed over the years?

Florida has truly grown over the years, from being an empty, swampland of a state to a bustling place where people come from all over to get away. But what’s really changed over the years is that more of the lesser-known places in Florida have become a draw for visitors. While still many people come to explore the more touristy spots, it’s the hidden gems throughout Florida that have become the must-visit destinations.

What is Florida known for?

To put it plainly, Florida is known for Florida attractions. It might sound simple, which in reality, it is! Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, Walt Disney World, and being the ultimate vacation destination. At its core, the attractions in Florida are a huge draw for visitors. That, and of course, the wonderful weather year-round.