10 Picturesque Trails In Delaware That Are Perfect For Winter Hiking

Right now, I’m sitting in my new home unpacking and getting things ready for the busy holiday season, but in my head I am laying out my winter clothes and wishing I was going hiking in Delaware right after the first snowfall, when the low sun and bright blue sky are enough to put a smile on my face and the air fills with the crunches of snow underfoot. I’m going to make time this weekend to get out and explore some of my favorite places for winter hiking in Delaware, and I will certainly return when snow begins to fall, whenever that may be.

Below, read about Delaware’s best winter hiking spots and the reasons they have such a big spot in my heart.

These winter hiking spots in Delaware make me so happy, but after a long cold hike, I do like to find myself a great meal to warm myself up. And since we’re talking about the best of the best here, why not try a restaurant from our Delaware Dining Bucket List?