Here Are 10 Incredible Places You Can Eat In Delaware For Less Than $10

Delaware has a fine selection of restaurants – from the expensive fancy ones on the water, to the dive in your town that nobody knows about where you can get an entire week’s worth of food for $2.50. In trying to save our readers some dough (and not expose those itty-bitty holes-in-the-wall…yet), we’ve decided to round up 10 places you can eat in Delaware for less than $10. Whether you’re a student in Newark trying to break away from your usual Ramen and Beef-a-Roni, or you work downtown and want to grab lunch without stretching your budget, you’ll find a great deal and great food at the following restaurants.

There you have it – the best deals on meals in Delaware. We hope we’ve helped you kick your lunch selections up a notch, or given you a great idea for your next dinner out. Let us know how you’ve enjoyed these places, once you’ve tried them.