This Restaurant Way Out In The Delaware Countryside Has The Best Doggone Food You’ve Tried In Ages

We’re about a month away from the best Delaware crab shacks opening for the season! If you’re a true Delawarean, you’ve had a countdown in your head since October, when the best local places shut down for the winter. If you’re new to the state, you might not get what the hype is about, but you soon will! Be sure to clear your calendars from late March to early April, so you can try them all and determine which is truly the best.

Not every Delaware crab shack is located on the coast, though. Fans of Boondocks Restaurant in Smyrna are patiently waiting for the boats to come in and deliver the best crabs in Delaware to this remote restaurant that’s quite literally in the middle of nowhere.

Boondocks should open back up during the first week of April, so keep an eye on their Facebook page for the official Opening Day announcement.

If you want to make yourself a crab shack bucket list for the first few weeks of spring, be sure to plan a trip to JP’s Wharf on the Murderkill River, and the famous Sambo’s Tavern, which ranked high on our list of 16 Restaurants That Serve the Best Crab Cakes in Delaware.

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