When it comes to desserts, few are as beloved as ice cream. No matter your flavor preferences, ice cream in Connecticut is a treat that no one seems to grow out of. One of the Nutmeg State’s very best ice cream parlors is the appropriately-named The Big Dipper Ice Cream Parlour. This hometown favorite in Prospect is charmingly old-fashioned and serves up massive portions that are an absolute delight for anyone who loves ice cream (which, we’re willing to bet, is almost all of us!).

Editor’s Note: The Big Dipper is open year-round for orders of cakes and pints and quarts of ice cream. Ice cream is sold by the scoop on a seasonal basis. You can check up on current opening status on The Big Dipper Facebook page.

Yum! We don’t know about you, but we’re craving some ice cream now. For more information about The Big Dipper Ice Cream Parlour or to order some ice cream or a cake, check out the shop’s website or Facebook page.

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