We’ve Found The Most Stunning Restaurant In Colorado And You’ll Want To Visit

When it comes to restaurants that are as pleasing on the eyes as the are on the stomach, Colorado is the place to be. While it is difficult to pinpoint just one restaurant to name the best (in terms of both aesthetics and food), we here at Only in Colorado think we have it figured out and are happy to introduce you to this unforgettable Denver establishment:

“A room that mirrors the story of two lovebirds: Beatrice, the life-loving daughter of a French wine making family who relocated to California in the 1800’s to create a small vineyard,” begins the story of Beatrice and Woodsley, which ends with the strong and handsome Woodsley building a cozy cabin in the middle of the woods, in which “Life was lived with appreciation amongst the forest birdsong, and the snow-capped peaks… happily ever after.” A beautiful story like this deserves an equally lovely namesake, which is exactly what you will find at the charming Beatrice & Woodsley; a truly one-of-a-kind restaurant that is nestled in the heart of Denver’s trendy Speer neighborhood. Featuring a large menu of drinks, plus brunch and dinner options, Beatrice & Woodsley is the place to be for not just world-class fare, but also for its jaw-dropping storefront, which resembles the lush and colorful forests that Colorado is so famous for. Whether you stop in for a quick happy hour or partake in a long and enjoyable weekend brunch, you are guaranteed to love your visit to this stunning Colorado gem.

Beatrice & Woodsley is located at 38 S Broadway in Denver and is open nightly from 5 pm until “the crowd thins,” and on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30 am to 2 pm. For more information, please visit Beatrice & Woodsley’s website.

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