19 Spots Around The U.S. That Will Make You Feel As Though You’ve Entered A Fairy Tale

We can all use a little more magic in our lives. There’s a reason fairy tales continue to stand the test of time, and that’s because the enchanting, fantastical worlds they create are a delightful escape. But these worlds are not confined within the pages of a book; there are places all around the country that offer real-life, fairy-tale fantasies for those seeking a bit of adventure. From enchanting castles and fortresses to forests and waterfalls so beautiful they do not look real, there’s magic to be found all across the country. The following 19 fairy tale places in the U.S. are almost too beautiful to be real, but lucky for us, they’re as real as it gets.

Let this list inspire you to go and find your own fairy tale because there’s magic hiding all around the U.S., just waiting to be discovered:

Natural Wonders in the U.S.

The world is a wide, wonderful place, and the possibilities for adventure are limitless. There are well-known wonders, like the eponymous Seven Wonders of the World, and exotic, awe-inspiring destinations all across the globe. But you don’t have to travel to the ends of the Earth to have a bucket-list-worthy adventure; amazing places exist all across this great country of ours. Here are some truly marvelous natural wonders in the U.S. to inspire your bucket list:

Man-Made Wonders In The U.S.

It’s not just Mother Nature whose hand has created some truly marvelous natural wonders — across the U.S., there are man-made wonders both inspired and inspiring. For proof of this, simply look at the Brooklyn Bridge or Vanderbilt Estate; humans are capable of some pretty marvelous things. Behold: some of our favorite fairy tale places in the U.S. built by true visionaries and artists:

Beautiful Places In U.S. National Parks

Our National Park System encompasses 423 national park sites in the United States. They span across more than 84 million acres, with parks in each of the 50 states and extending into the outlying territories. Within this expansive system, there are 63 sites that include “National Park” as part of their proper name, including well-known places like Acadia, the Great Smoky Mountains, and the Grand Canyon. Within each of these wondrous national parks worlds, you’ll discover some of the most beautiful places in the entire U.S.

Little-Known Enchanting Places In The U.S.

Have you ever wanted to step into the pages of a fairy tale? Whether your preferred fairy tale is the verdant green world of Tolkien or a bit darker a la the Grimm Brothers, these little-known enchanting places in the U.S. will capture your imagination.

Are you feeling inspired? These beautiful places in the U.S. are just waiting to be explored, experienced, and, most importantly, enjoyed — so pack your bags and get ready to embark on an enchanting adventure!

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Beautiful Places in the U.S.

March 18, 2023

What are the best must-see places in the United States?

The world is a wide, wonderful place, and the possibilities for adventure are limitless. Here in America the Beautiful there are so many must-see places in the United States, including:

  • Point Reyes National Seashore - CA. When it must-see places in the United States, Point Reyes National Seashore is a top contender. Boasting scenery that’s filled with rocky headlands, sandy beaches, open grasslands, and rich hillsides, visiting this destination feels like stepping into the pages of a storybook.
  • Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore - MI. Epitomizing the sublime splendor of #PureMichigan, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is an enchanting natural wonder that seems too beautiful to be real. You'll find this otherworld located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, making it a somewhat remote destination, but one that is absolutely worth the effort to reach.
  • Waimea Canyon - HI. Hailed as the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific," Waimea Canyon is certainly a place of immense beauty. (Of course *the* Grand Canyon is another must-visit, as are all of these captivating canyons across the U.S.)
  • Mammoth Cave - KY. The world's longest underground cavern system, Kentucky's Mammoth Cave is over 400 miles of pure fantasy for intrepid explorers.


Where should I travel to in the U.S. to see enchanting places?

Looking to live out your own fairy tale fantasy? In addition to the fairy tale places in the U.S. outlined above, here are some other enchanting places to add to your bucket list:

  • Bamboo Forest - Maui, HI. While all of the Aloha State is bucket-list worthy, the hidden Bamboo Forest is a place unlike any other on the planet. To access this wonder, you'll head to the island of Maui and venture into the magical Haleakala National Park. Aptly named, the Bamboo Forest offers gorgeous greenery, plenty of bamboo, and just a touch of magic, which you'll discover along the two-mile Pipiwai Trail.
  • Pella - IA. Yes -- Iowa! Known for its Dutch culture and postcard-perfect downtown, Pella, Iowa, is one of the most delightful small towns in the country. Located less than an hour from Des Moines, Pella is a small town that feels like entering another time and place -- and country.
  • Shoshone Falls - ID. Shoshone Falls is Idaho's most iconic waterfall, boasting falls that are higher than Niagara's. The sight of this cascade is downright awe-inspiring, and a favorite among ardent waterfall chasers.
  • Palouse Falls - WA. The official waterfall of Washington, Palouse Falls is a 198-foot cascade surrounded by commanding cliffs and caverns. (Put in perspective: Niagara Falls stands at a mere167 feet tall.)
  • Crater Lake National Park - OR. The deepest and purest lake in the country, nothing can prepare you for the beauty that awaits at this astonishing national park in Oregon.


Of course, these places are just the beginning of the bucket-list adventures that await in this great country of ours. Be sure to subscribe to our Bucket List Newsletter for a weekly dose of inspiration!