Visit These 9 Charming Tea Rooms In Arkansas For A Piece Of The Past

Arkansans still take the time for tea. Maybe it’s stepping away from a hectic work schedule for just enough time to steep a bag and take a breath; or, maybe dedicating a weekend hour to carefully set out saucers and enjoy good company. Either way, that first steamy sip honors a piece of the past that has not been forgotten. Whether you’re looking for a modernized teatime atmosphere or a proper high tea spread, an Arkansas tea trip will fancy your cuppa needs. Pinkies up as we tour through our nine favorite (in no particular order) Tea Rooms throughout the state.

Tea time is not lost in Arkansas. You can find it as a classic Victorian setting or as a fast service sit-down. Whether you’re taking five minutes or an hour, Arkansas can charm you with one of its many tea rooms.

Why not pair your tea with a slice of pie?