The Awesome Hike In Arizona That Will Take You Straight To An Abandoned Village

Discovering ancient ruins in Arizona is more than mere happenstance, even though ruins are found throughout the state. The lands that make up the Grand Canyon State have been inhabited by civilizations from the past for hundreds, even thousands of years. But that doesn’t make each and every ancient ruin you encounter any less mesmerizing or special. Follow this easy trail up the side of a very small mountain to the ruins of a hilltop prehistoric Hohokam village. No one knows why this bygone village was abandoned, but one thing is for sure… this moderately-trafficked trail ensures the village has plenty of activity these days!

The Sears-Kay Ruins are located just outside the town of Carefree on N Sears Kay Ruins Road. The trail is open year-round, with no permits required. Find it on a Google map at this link. Learn more about the trail here.

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