15 Little Known Beaches In Alaska That’ll Make Your Summer Unforgettable

If you don’t immediately think of surf and sand when you think of Alaska, get ready to have your whole perception changed. With more coastline than any other state in the nation, measuring out at approximately 5,580 miles, it’s only natural that Alaska would be filled with the most glorious beaches in the entire world.

And guess what? We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet; many of our beaches are totally secluded! That means that you can can literally relax and unwind with the mere sounds of waves crashing in the background without litters of people stumbling over you. It’s a brilliant and breathtaking thought and Only in Alaska is it actually achievable. You will never look back after checking out these 15 little known beaches in Alaska that’ll make your summer unforgettable.

How many of these magical beaches do you plan on visiting this summer?