It’s that time of year again, time to go hunting in Alaska! While there are many people in the state who choose not to hunt for their own reasons, the majority of Alaskans anxiously await this time of year to be able to harvest the most delicious wild game in the world. Moose, deer, caribou, bison… the list goes on and on. We have a bounty of natural resources available to us throughout the last frontier, but bringing home the bacon doesn’t always come easy – or without a fight. In fact, every year, many people experience bear encounters in Alaska.

As you’ll see in the heart-pounding video featured below, going into the raw and rugged areas of Alaska that are off the beaten path is fiercely dangerous. You have to be very knowledgeable of your surroundings, prepared for Alaska’s unpredictable elements and prepared for just about anything. Because if you aren’t properly equipped, the result of your negligence could literally be a life or death situation.

If you’ve never been deep into the Alaskan wilderness, be smart and consult with a local Fish & Game office in your area before going anywhere. Take a back-country education class or if you’re going hunting, consider hiring an experienced and reputable guide. Because in a place where the bears outnumber the humans, being on your toes is key to survival. Every outdoor adventure in Alaska should be approached with a good dose of caution for our local wildlife!

If that had you on the edge of your seat, you’ve got to check out this incredible footage of two bull moose fighting right in someone’s front yard in Alaska’s most populated city of Anchorage. It is both terrifying and fascinating at the same time!

Have you ever experienced bear encounters in Alaska? What did you do? Was it scary? Let us know in the comments below!

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Bear Encounters In Alaska

What kind of bears are in Alaska?

Alaska has three different types of bears. The famous polar bear, our Alaskan brown or grizzly bear, and the black bear. There are subspecies of each of these types of bears, like the Glacier bear. The glacier bear is a subspecies of the black bear, and it has silver-blue or gray fur. You can most often spot them in Southeast Alaska. Alaska polar bears reside in the polar region, hence their name. In the summertime you’ll find polar bears hunting in the Arctic Ocean and Chukchi Sea. In the winter you can find them as far south as St. Lawerence Island. Brown bears, or grizzlies, are found in abundance in Alaska. In fact, of the 55,000 brown bears in North America, all but around 1,500 hundred of them live in Alaska. You will most likely see one of these beauties during your time here!

What part of Alaska has the most bears?

Bears inhabit almost the entire state of Alaska. Depending on the species, you can find groups of polar bears along the pack ice, brown bears Katmai National Park & Preserve, especially at Brooks Falls to feed for winter, and a huge concentration of grizzly bears on Admiralty Island. In fact, Admiralty Island has one of the largest concentration of bears in the world! With a population of over 1,600 bears on this small island, the bears outnumbering local residents by more than a 3 to 1 ratio. Admiralty Island and Brooks Falls are both great spots to go bear viewing in the state of Alaska.

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