This Haunted Road Trip Will Lead You To The Scariest Places In New York

Like always, there’s plenty of haunted hayrides and haunted houses for our residents to check out this year that will take their October’s to an entirely new and terrifying level. But what if strangers jumping out at you from nowhere, dressed up in creepy costumes isn’t quite the scary adventure you had in mind for this season? I personally prefer the idea of being around a friendly ghost as opposed to exploring inside some fun house pulled right out of my worst nightmares.

If you have the same kind of mind frame as I do or just enjoy chasing after all things paranormal, then you’re going to want to set aside a weekend to take this haunted road trip that will bring you to some of the scariest places you can find in Western New York. As usual, I focused on one region for this road trip to make things more reasonable. If you’re not close to these locations, then don’t be shy and let us know you want a part two that covers another region!

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