This Creepy Asylum In New York Is Still Standing… And Still Disturbing

Tucked away in a town not too far from Lake Ontario, lies Rolling Hills Asylum. The property was sold to Genesee County in 1827 and it was then that The Genesee County Poorhouse was created. The facility was created to give care to those throughout the county’s community who were unable to care for themselves. In 1828, an addition to the property was made to create a space to house residents who were too dangerous to others or were quite literally “lunatics.”

If you were a resident of the poorhouse and were deemed capable, you would work on the property’s farm. With over 200 acres of land to work with, The Genesee County Poorhouse was able to turn profits. While the story may not be too creepy so far, another known craft the residents worked on was making coffins in the wood shop. That’s right, this creepy asylum while up and functioning had its “inmates” pumping out coffins, yikes!

Believed by many to be the most haunted place on earth, Rolling Hills Asylum is home to several well known ghosts. At the age of 12, a boy suffering from Gigantism was dropped off to the poorhouse unannounced by his father. Today we know this 7-foot tall figure to be Roy, the most friendly ghost of all staying at the asylum. If you take the time to look into the paranormal accusations made by many against Rolling Hills on Youtube, you will often find the ghost in which people are attempting to make contact with, is none other than Roy. While stories of a ghost who was a torturous nurse at the asylum are spoken of often, those who find themselves coming in contact with Roy say he has expressed he was treated well throughout his stay.

Open for tours and investigations, Rolling Hills Asylum is still up and running. With over 50,000 square feet, the present day asylum offers plenty of nooks and crannies to explore. If you decide to take a visit to this home of paranormal activity, we can do nothing but hope you only run into friendly spirits like Roy, but often this isn’t the case. Well documented on its episode of “Ghost Adventures“, many people report hearing horrible screams while visiting Rolling Hills.

To anyone who has never personally explored this ultra-creepy facility, below you can find a video from Youtube with photo compilation made up of some of Rolling Hills Asylum’s most eerie elements!

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