Take This Road Trip To The Most Charming Catskill Mountain Towns In New York

The Catskill Mountains are beautiful at any time of year, and nestled among these gorgeous peaks are many mountain towns that are small on population, but big on charm. If you’re looking to explore the Catskill Mountain Region, visiting the best of these towns on a weekend road trip is a great way to see some memorable sights and to get a taste of the unique flavor of this area. Read on.

This road trip is so much fun! On it, you’ll visit seven of the very best and most charming small mountain towns in the Catskills. You’ll see that they all have their own unique character and you’ll love them all. Have a great trip!

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Address: Tannersville, NY, USA
Address: Phoenicia, NY 12464, USA
Address: Woodstock, NY, USA
Address: Bethel, NY, USA
Address: Roscoe, NY, USA
Address: Margaretville, NY 12455, USA
Address: Roxbury, NY 12474, USA
Address: Windham, NY 12496, USA