This Strange Phenomenon In A New York Town Is Too Weird For Words

Hidden right before your eyes in the small town of Middlesex, awaits a mysterious hill that has caused quite the stir. Defying all laws of gravity, this peculiar hill is playing wicked stepchild to the all mighty Mother Nature. This easily accessible phenomenon has become such an intriguing tale that it no doubt has been a New York favorite for ages. Now here’s what we know…

To get a better visual of what sort of phenomenon we’re really dealing with here, below you can check out visual proof of New York’s Spook Hill:

Intriguing, huh? If this sort of thing is right up your alley but you don’t live quite close to Middlesex, you can also find very similar gravity hills in Portville and Suffern, New York! Have you ever been to any of these hills, and if so what was your experience like? Give us your theories on what you think is happening in these strange hills of the Empire State in the comments below!