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Take These 9 Country Roads In New Mexico For An Unforgettable Scenic Drive

In New Mexico, driving the backroads is often the key to unlocking some of the state’s best scenery. There is no shortage of country roads here – many of them unpaved – to satisfy either those seeking adventure or simply escape. So next time you have a day off and a certain restless feeling, head out on these 9 roads less traveled. (Many of these routes involve unpaved roads and should not be attempted during bad weather.)

It’s a little tricky to find the Quebradas Backcountry Scenic Byway. For more details, click here.

What’s your favorite backroad drive in New Mexico?

Juliet White
New Mexico staff writer for Only In Your State and freelance writer. A committed travel junkie, Juliet has lived on two continents, but believes that the sunsets in New Mexico are the best. She can be reached on Twitter @JulietWrites.