Some of the best scenery in New Mexico is found in the middle of nowhere. However, there are also inhabited places where you’re confronted by breathtaking views, no matter which way you turn. So, if you’re up for a road trip, consider heading to one of these 10 scenic small towns in New Mexico to admire the spectacular landscapes surrounding them.

Have you been to any of these places? Which other towns do you visit when you’re craving stunning views? Once you’re done visiting these lovely small towns, consider checking out some of the other natural wonders in New Mexico that make up the state’s beautiful landscapes.

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Scenic Small Towns In New Mexico

What is the most unique town in New Mexico?

There are many towns to visit in New Mexico that are special for more reasons than just their scenery. With quirky places like UFO-obsessed Roswell or a pie-centric town called Pie Town (yes, really), there are quite a few places that you could consider the most unique. The town of Hatch is definitely one of the most notable. Since it's known for having the best chile in all of New Mexico - and possibly beyond - it's embraced that in every way. Restaurants in Hatch serve delicious chile-flavored or covered things and there is an annual chile festival hosted in the town every year.

What are the most unique things to do in New Mexico?

If you're looking for beautiful places and fun things to see in New Mexico, you've got plenty of options. Where else could you say you can visit a rattlesnake museum? Yes, the Land of Enchantment is home to the American International Rattlesnake Museum, located in Albuquerque. You can experience the beauty of New Mexico's landscape from the vantage point of cliff dwellings at places like the Gila Cliff Dwellings. The park the dwellings are in also includes other beautiful trails and even hot springs.

What is the most beautiful small town in New Mexico?

Viewing the most beautiful scenery in New Mexico from some of these well-placed towns might inspire you to seek out some of the towns within the state that themselves are stunning. Whether it be their small town charm or impressive architecture, you have a few options of picturesque towns. Hillsboro in Sierra County is an old mining town that has kept its vintage charm. You can even visit an adorable old general store for some shopping and lunch. For a traditional New Mexican town, Mesilla is a great choice. The lovely architecture, plaza, and quaint shops all add to the town's beauty.