Take This Road Trip Through New Mexico’s Most Picturesque Small Towns For An Unforgettable Experience

Small towns offer a slower pace of life, hole-in-the-wall restaurants that’ll have you craving seconds, and some unexpectedly intriguing attractions. While it’s fun to visit one small town for the day, what if you could visit nine of them? Well, driving along this route through New Mexico allows you to do just that. The drive time is a hair under 7 hours and the journey covers 320 miles. That gives you the option to complete it in one long day or to make a weekend out of this road trip. Of course, we couldn’t include all of our state’s wonderful small towns without sending you zigzagging across New Mexico for days. So we focused on creating a loop (technically a figure eight) out of scenic small towns with populations under 10,000.

You’ll find the map for this route HERE.

Now, let’s hit the road!

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