This Haunting Road Trip Through New Mexico Ghost Towns Is One You Won’t Forget

Ghost towns are scattered across our state, the byproduct of New Mexico’s mining and railroad history. There are so many that you’re usually near at least one abandoned town. However, several of these deserted places are clustered in close proximity, in the southwestern portion of New Mexico. If you fancy a road trip back in time, drive around this loop of seven ghost towns.

Directions are shown on this Google Map. The trip covers 574 miles and takes 11 hours and 27 minutes without stops. Break up your drive with an overnight stay in Silver City or bring your tent and spend the night in the Gila National Forest.

Our loop begins and ends in Engle because it’s so close to Truth or Consequences – you’re going to want a soak in one of the town’s hot springs after all that driving!

Are you game for this creepy yet cool drive through New Mexico’s ghost towns?