Most People Don’t Know This Wyoming County Is The Richest In The Entire Country

Wyoming is rich in history, unparalleled unspoiled beauty, and valuable natural resources. One county in particular, however, is flat-out the richest in the entire nation – literally. Teton County is not only among the 10 richest counties in the U.S., it beats out the other 9 and tops the list. It’s right in the heart of one of the most stunning, pristine Wyoming wilderness areas, near two national parks, and offers some of the most epic outdoor sports opportunities, including the best skiing in the entire world. Taking all of that into account, it’s little wonder that the area attracts high-earners as a vacation spot and a place to call home.

Have you visited Teton County? What do you think? Is it everything it’s cracked up to be?

What Wyoming county is your idea of paradise?