These 6 Urban Legends In Wyoming Will Keep You Awake At Night

Legends are folklore that has been passed down, usually orally, through many generations. The stories are fun and intriguing but at the same time, they leave you wondering if there could be just a little bit of truth to them. Some of these legends in Wyoming will keep you awake at night wondering this very thing. Here are five Wyoming urban legends that will keep you awake at night.

Do you know of any other Wyoming urban legends? Have you heard of these urban legends before? Let us know in the comments! And if you love creepy places, check out these creepy ghost towns in Wyoming.

Address: Devils Tower, WY 82714, USA
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Wyoming Urban Legends

June 29, 2022

Are there any ghost towns in Wyoming?

Some towns were once occupied and thriving with activity. Due to certain circumstances, residents left and the towns were left abandoned. You can visit several ghost towns around Wyoming like South Pass City, which was once a gold-mining town. Some of the original buildings are still standing and there are just a few residents now, but for the most part, it is considered a ghost town. Piedmont was once a town that was a stop along the railroad tracks. However, when a tunnel was built and the trains stopped coming through town, it eventually became abandoned. 

What are some of the most haunted places in Wyoming?

There are plenty of spooky, haunted hotels in Wyoming that are steeped in history and folklore. Would you stay at a haunted hotel in Wyoming? You may also experience some paranormal activity in these cemeteries around the state.

Are there any haunted road trips I can take in Wyoming?

Yes! We have some haunted and scary road trips that will take you on a spooky adventure through the state. Take our Haunted Road Trip To The Scariest Places In Wyoming, starting at the historic Occidental Hotel and ending at the Wonder Bar which is closed. You may also want to take our Ghost Towns In Wyoming Road Trip as well. 

Address: Devils Tower, WY 82714, USA