Wyoming is full of some of the most beautiful places in the country… and also some of the spookiest. This haunted road trip in Wyoming will take you all over the state to some of the scariest places in Wyoming. The total travel time is 16 hours and 17 minutes, so you will either need to take several days or just take a portion of it. Click here to follow along on the route.

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haunted road trip in Wyoming

What are the most haunted places in Wyoming?

Some of the most haunted places in Wyoming are relics from the earliest days of Wyoming statehood. Spots like the Occidental Hotel and Virginian Saloon in Buffalo are popular spots for paranormal visitors. Heart Mountain Relocation Center is a spot with a terrible past, and unsettled spirits are said to roam the property. Fort Laramie is also rumored to be haunted, and there are almost certainly ghosts hanging out in the abandoned mining towns in Kirwin and Gebo. Wyoming's haunted history is truly on display in our small and storied towns.

Can I visit any abandoned places in Wyoming?

Wyoming is full of ghost towns that you can visit if you know where to look. Kirwin, Gebo, and Miner's Delight are nearly completely abandoned, and towns like Atlantic City and South Pass City are home to a small handful of residents that help preserve these relics of the past. Wyoming's most famous abandoned spots are in Grand Teton National Park and include the Moulton Barns on Mormon Row and the Cunningham Cabin at the foothills of the Teton range. Be sure to visit them when you're in the park!

What are the creepiest cemeteries in Wyoming?

The series cemetery in Wyoming is the one abandoned in the ghost town of Gebo. Many of the graves are from children who did not survive brutal frontier life, and one of the graves has a cradle surrounding it. The sadness of the space, combined with the haunting history of Gebo and the sounds of wails you might hear when the wind blows, makes this a spot that will send chills down your spine. Visit, if you're brave enough.