This One Street In Wisconsin Has Every Type Of Restaurant You Can Imagine

There is really no other street in the world like State Street in Madison. The only vehicles allowed along there are buses. It’s basically a blocks-long pedestrian mall that leads you from the state Capitol Building all the way to Union Terrace.

There’s everything from large retail names to small, eclectic and funky shops as well as a literal smorgasbord of dining options. You can eat your way around the world within just a few short blocks in Madison. Sure, you can easily get a burger or a burrito from a chain or pub along this stretch, but we’re not even talking about those places. These are the amazing and unique spots that offer you some of the very best food you’ve probably never heard of. Most of these places are Madison institutions at this point. They’ve served more than a few generations of hungry college students.

This isn’t even a fully comprehensive list, because there are just too many awesome spots to mention. And this is really just counting State Street and the spots right around the corner. The streets that intersect with State will lead you to even more amazing spots if you’re willing to go explore. State Street in Madison has every type of restaurant you can imagine:

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