A Small-Town Wisconsin Pub, Sieberts Has Some Of The Best Food In The Midwest

Salem is a small town about five miles from the Illinois state line that’s home to one of the most loved spots in all the Midwest. Located not far from the Fox River, it makes sense that there would be a building here dating back to the 1880s that served as a hotel for travelers. It no longer offers rooms for the night, but this gorgeous old building is now home to Siebert’s Pub. There are tons of beautiful old touches left from the building’s previous life, but those are just a bonus when you visit Siebert’s Pub in Wisconsin. You’re really there for the food.

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It turns out the area just north of the state line is full of small town restaurants that will delight. For more excellent eats, check out our previous article: This Tiny Wisconsin Diner In The Middle Of Nowhere Serves Food So Good You Won’t Mind The Drive.

Address: 8403 Antioch Rd, Salem, WI 53168, USA
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Siebert's Pub in Wisconsin

May 17, 2020

What are the best pubs in Wisconsin?

Looking for the best pubs in Wisconsin? There’s no shortage of amazing places to enjoy a meal and a pint. Revere’s Wells Street Tavern, located in Delafield, is one of the highest rated. You’ll love their exceptional burgers, pastas, and sandwiches, but it’s their giant pretzels that keep people coming back for more. Gather your closest friends and share this delicious treat together. The homemade cheese dipping sauce is absolutely amazing.

What are the best places to get comfort food in Wisconsin?

You’ll find tons of mouthwatering comfort food in Wisconsin. For some sweet homemade pies, head over to Crystal Cafe in Iola. You’ll love the welcoming atmosphere and scrumptious eats. Apple Holler, located in Sturtevant, is another fantastic place to satisfy your comfort food cravings. Enjoy crispy fried chicken, ooey grilled cheese sandwiches, and buttery biscuits and gravy. Nothing beats this wonderful eatery. For more amazing comfort food in Wisconsin, try the 11 best grilled cheese sandwiches in the state. You can’t go wrong at any of these mouthwatering dining destinations.

What are the oldest bars in Wisconsin?

Brossman’s Bar, located in Franksville, is one of the oldest bars in Wisconsin. In fact, this place has been around since before Wisconsin was a state! If you want to enjoy delicious meals in a historic atmosphere, this is the place to go. Some even say this place is haunted. Keep your eye out for spectral visions of the former owner. Ghost enthusiasts believe this place is so beloved, some visitors return to visit from beyond the grave.

Address: 8403 Antioch Rd, Salem, WI 53168, USA