Sink Your Toes In The Sand At This One-Of-A-Kind Tiki Bar In Wisconsin

There’s just something so wonderfully welcoming and cheerful about a tiki bar. No matter where you are in the world, you know a tiki bar is going to be full of joy and color and good times. It represents a state of mind – laid back and relaxed, unhurried and chill. Even though Wisconsin is far from the island vibe that a tiki bar represents, we totally get on board with the idea of getting away from it all, kicking back and de-stressing for a bit. We love life on the water as much as anyone, so the beach bum aesthetic is something we totally understand. Way down south, so close to the border it’s nearly in Illinois, Sand Bar and Island Grill is a fabulous tiki spot that not only embodies the idea of life on the beach – they live. Located on Lake Elizabeth in Twin Lakes, this place is literal steps from the water and at any given time you’ll find a number of boats, canoes and kayaks docked or beached right in front of it. It’s the perfect spot to rest and refuel before heading back out on the water.

Address: 3101 East Lake Shore Drive, Twin Lakes, WI, 53181.

You can find out more about this tropical spot on their website or by checking out their Facebook page.

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