Stay Overnight In A Hotel Built In 1893 That’s Said To Be Haunted At The Pfister In Wisconsin

There are plenty of places to stay in Wisconsin that offer an unforgettable experience, but there’s nothing quite like The Pfister Hotel. The hotel, built way back in 1893, is said to be haunted. While the world-class hotel probably won’t get you up close and personal with anything paranormal, it is home to quite the history. From voices in the hallways to undeniable shadowy figures, there have been many creepy accounts reported at The Pfister. Next time you’re looking for a popular, historic hotel that might also give you a spooky experience, stay at The Pfister in Milwaukee.

Have you ever stayed at The Pfister Hotel? Did you notice anything out of the ordinary? We’d love to hear all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

Address: The Pfister Hotel, 424 E Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202, USA