This Wisconsin Waterfall Is So Hidden, Almost Nobody Has Seen It In Person

Wisconsin has some amazing attractions, some of which are hiding right in plain sight! These are attractions that might not make it into a guidebook or a “Top 10” listing, but they are worth seeking out – just ask the locals who know and love these spots. Buttermilk Falls near Osceloa is one of those attractions. A rugged little hike will take you to a cascade that’s absolutely incredible. Here’s why you need to make the trip to Buttermilk Falls, a beautiful hidden waterfall in Wisconsin.

If you’re game, when you reach Buttermilk Falls you can use a rope to work your way down to the bottom of the falls. You can also bring your dog along on the hike – leashed dogs are allowed. Learn more about outdoor adventures in the Osceola area at the Osceola Area Chamber website. Once you’ve taken in the wonders of Buttermilk Falls, here are some more astonishing Wisconsin waterfalls hidden in plain sight!

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