If you ever find yourself wondering, “What are some waterfalls near me in Washington?” — you’re not alone. We have breathtaking waterfalls everywhere in Washington; so many, in fact, that if you were to stop at every one of our state’s cascades, it could take days… maybe even weeks. Wondering where to even begin? The Olympic Peninsula is the best place to start, with some of the most magical falls in and around the Olympic National Park. If you’re up for the ultimate adventure, here’s an easy trip you can take to see seven falls in about 9-10 hours. Check out this Google map for more directions, and don’t forget to bring a camera!

Ready to grab your keys yet? Where else would you recommend visiting?

Still wondering “What are some epic waterfalls near me in Washington?” We thought you might be! Here are 10 easy-access waterfalls in Washington to add to your bucket list.

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waterfalls near me in Washington

How can I find more waterfalls in Washington?

Here's how to find more waterfalls in Washington:

If you're searching for waterfalls in the Evergreen State, you've come to the right place! Here at Only In Washington, we take our waterfall chasing very seriously. As such, we have put together several different road trips that will take you to beautiful cascades in every corner of the state -- so no matter where in Washington you're located, you are sure to be near some truly epic falls! We recommend starting with these 10 stunning waterfalls in Washington, which feature some of the best of the best in terms of Evergreen State falls: Wallace Falls, Panther Creek Falls, Franklin Falls, and Madison Creek Falls -- just to name a few!

What's the official state waterfall of Washington?

The official state waterfall of Washington is Palouse Falls.

The rumors are true -- yes, Washington does have its very own official state waterfall. The superlative superstar is none other than Palouse Falls, a 198-foot waterfall surrounded by dramatic cliffs in the eponymous Palouse Falls State Park. (To put it in perspective, Niagara Falls is only 167 feet high!) In 2014, Washington designated Palouse Falls as the official state waterfall. The idea came from a group of students at Washtucna Elementary School, and we think it was a great suggestion by these little Washingtonians!

What are the best waterfall hikes in Washington?

The best waterfall hikes in Washington include:

  • Narada Falls
  • Myrtle Falls

Washington has some of the best waterfalls in the country, and you'd better believe we have an abundance of amazing waterfall hikes, too! Mount Rainier National Park is home to some spectacular waterfall hikes in Washington -- a breezy .01-mile walk will lead you to Narada Falls. This two-tiered cascade is a sight to behold! Also in Mount Rainier National Park is a hike to Myrtle Falls, one of Washington's most underrated waterfalls. This stroll is only about a half mile long, and the views are tremendous. To learn more about the best waterfall hikes in Washington, check out these incredible treks.

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