Washington is filled to the brim with natural wonders of every size and shape, but there’s no denying that our gorgeous, cascading waterfalls are just one of the highlights of our state. Fortunately, we have plenty of them! In fact, there are around 2,000-3,000 waterfalls in Washington. Now obviously, a good portion of these will require a hefty hike to reach — but not the picture-perfect Snoqualmie Falls, one of our state’s most spectacular natural wonders. Best yet, reaching the Snoqualmie viewing area requires no real effort at all and is accessible for nearly everyone.

This iconic waterfall in Washington might just be one of the most photographed spots in the state. But we can say with certainty that Snoqualmie Falls is even more beautiful in person! And if you get hungry, you can always enjoy views of it from The Dining Room at the Salish Lodge & Spa.

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Snoqualmie Falls & Related Info

What are the tallest waterfalls in Washington state?

Washington has around 3,000 documented waterfalls, the majority of which are located in the western half of the state. While not all of Washington’s waterfalls are easy to access, many can be reached by hiking or backpacking. Some of the tallest and most popular waterfalls in Washington include:


Are there any frozen waterfalls in Washington?

While winter temperatures in Washington vary from year to year, there are a few waterfalls that are known to freeze regularly. During particularly cold years, here are just a few possible frozen waterfalls to check out in Washington:


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