Is a family trip to Mount Rainier on your Washington bucket list? Not only is Mount Rainer National Park one of the most glorious parks in all of Washington (and the country, really), but it’s also home to some truly wondrous waterfalls that tend to get a bit overshadowed by the eponymous peak. Myrtle Falls, for example, is an underrated gem that’s one of the most beautiful waterfall hikes in Washington. Let’s go for a hike…

Have you taken this scenic trail yet? What’s your favorite waterfall hike in our state? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

And before you Google “waterfalls near me in Washington,” for your next hiking adventure, check out this easy waterfall hike in Olympic Peninsula and this scenic trek in the South Cascades.

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waterfalls near me in Washington

What are some easy waterfall hikes in Washington?

There's nothing more wondrous than happening upon a waterfall while out on the trails. We’ve got some pretty spectacular waterfalls here in the Evergreen State, and quite frankly, we can’t think of a more beautiful reward for a challenging hike. But guess what? Here in Washington, you don't even have to tackle a challenging trail to reap a spectacular reward. Don't believe us? Simply head to the South Cascades and find the Angel Falls Loop Trail. Although the hike is under three miles in length, the trail is often called an amusement park ride for nature lovers. It's spectacularly beautiful, traveling through a green grotto of creeks and waterfalls. First, you'll reach Covell Creek and the peaceful Covell Creek Falls. But that's not all; this waterfall hike leads to *another* amazing waterfall: Angel Falls! This cascade is 175 feet high, and the trail takes you straight to the base of it. This really might be the most perfect waterfall hike in Washington!

What are some of the most beautiful natural wonders in Washington?

It just doesn’t get any better than Washington. We have incredible scenic beauty, offering some of the best outdoor recreation in the county. In terms of natural wonders, Olympic National Park is a true treasure, and within this wondrous world you'll find what is easily the most unique park in Washington. Hoh Rain Forest is a place that doesn't even seem real: one of the only temperate rainforests on the planet, it's filled with untamed mosses and hanging ferns, old-growth trees, and an abundance of wildlife. It's a lush rainforest, located within the Washington wilds.

What is the best waterfall in Washington?

Well, we love *all* the waterfalls in Washington, but it's hard to beat Palouse Falls. Quite possibly the most jaw dropping waterfall in the country, Palouse Falls looks like something out of a fantasy. Located in Palouse Falls State Park in southeastern Washington, the eponymous falls thunders over a chiseled, 200-foot basalt gorge, sending a spectacular stream of spray to all in its wake. Read more about this showstopper in this article.

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