Summer may only last three months, but there’s still time to enjoy some of Washington’s finest swimming holes. These seven spots are known for their clean, beautiful, refreshing water – so if you only have time for one more summer swim, head to one of these places. And put the rest of these best swimming spots with some of the clearest water in Washington state on your bucket list for next year.

Each of these places has beautiful, clean water for swimming. Have you been to some of the best swimming spots with some of the clearest water in Washington state? Is your favorite swimming spot on this list? If not, add it in the comment section!

For an even more magical experience, try a waterfall swimming hole.

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Best Swimming Spots In Washington

Where can I find the bluest water in Washington?

Located between glaciers in the North Cascade Mountains, you can find some of the bluest water in Washington state. Diablo Lake is a reservoir with an elevation of 1201 feet above sea level and water with such a vibrant turquoise color you won’t think it’s real. But it is real and you have to see it in person to believe it!

What are some of the best beaches in Washington?

With 157 miles of coastline along with shorelines of numerous lakes and rivers, the state has some incredible beaches. Here are some of the best beaches in Washington:  

  • Meadowdale Beach Park is located in the small city of Edmonds.
  • Port Williams in Sequim is a serene beach that’s perfect for a stroll.


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Does Washington have any natural wonders?

Yes, Washington has plenty of natural wonders including:

  • Dry Falls near Coulee City
  • Mount Rainier
  • Columbia River Gorge


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