Every day, we bring you something about Virginia – sometimes it’s educational, sometimes it’s intriguing, and sometimes? Sometimes, it’s just for fun. But with each of those articles comes incredible photography from incredible photographers – most of whom are here in our very own state. Today we are going to highlight this breathtaking talent with beautiful photos of Virginia that are so stunningly beautiful, that you won’t even believe some of these places exist. So if you weren’t already proud to be a Virginian, take a peek at these – I promise you, you will be when you’re done.

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I can look at these beautiful photos of Virginia all day and never stop being amazed by the talent of the photographers – or the perfection of their subject matter. Given the availability of cameras today – i.e., if you have a phone, you have a camera – even if we are not professional photographers, we can still do our best! So to all of you professionals, and then to the rest of us, where are your favorite places to shoot in Virginia? Tell me about them in the comments below!

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Beautiful Photos Of Virginia

What are some of the most beautiful places in Virginia? 

Virginia is an incredible place. There is so much beauty. The photos above showcase quite a few places, but there is much more. From incredible architecture to natural landscapes, there is much to appreciate. 

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Virginia’s grand architecture owes quite a lot to Thomas Jefferson. He had an aesthetic that still graces important parts of the land here. Of course, he can only take so much credit… there were plenty of others that have contributed over the years. While I’m sure Jefferson would have approved of the Marine Observation Tower and Scope Arena, both are unlike his style. For more of Virginia”s architecture take a look at These 16 Pieces Of Architectural Brilliance In Virginia Could WOW Anyone.   

In case you are one of those who find spooky paces alluring, These 10 Abandoned Buildings in Virginia Will Send Chills Down Your Spine is a lot of fun. Each place is, or was, attractive… however, they are now more interesting.

Are there any natural wonders in Virginia?

Virginia has many natural features worth taking a trip to visit. There are many spots, from the beach to swamps to woods to rocky mountains. There’s a variety of outdoor wonders.

The article Here Are The 12 Most Incredible Natural Wonders In Virginia is a nice place to look for a cool day out. 

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Have fun out there! Don’t forget your camera!

Are there any camera tricks to help make photos more beautiful? 

A good camera will take you a long way toward beautiful pictures. Luckily, most of our smartphones have excellent cameras on them. Yet, most of the pictures from this article (with the exception of one... can you spot it?) were taken with a more expensive digital single-lens reflex (SLR) camera. The best ones often cost close to $1,000! This is only recommended if photography is a serious hobby.

Here are some tips that apply to any camera and are also pretty easy to remember. 

  1. When taking photographs of a landscape, it’ll look way better on your computer and television if your camera is held in the landscape position while shooting. (Landscape means the image is longways across the top and bottom.)


  1. Remember the Rule of Thirds. Mentally break whatever you are photographing into a grid of thirds. (You can also have this show up on your smartphone camera, I always have this grid up while taking photos.) So, there are three squares going across and three going up for a total of nine squares on your screen. When taking a picture make sure something of interest is in each third. For instance, when taking a picture of the sunset, you can arrange for the horizon line to be resting on the top third and the sun in the left or right third of the frame. This could make the image more interesting overall. 


  1. Lighting matters when taking a picture. It’s always a good time to take a picture in nature, but the golden hours are just after sunrise and just before sunset. Everything looks better in this light, people included.


  1. Have fun. Make sure you take pictures of friends and family often!