The Most Haunted State Park In Virginia Has A Terribly Fascinating History

When you think about Virginia’s state parks, chances are you conjure up images of beautiful walking trails, rivers, mountains, and all sorts of exquisite natural charm. Chances are, you don’t necessarily consider any of them to be haunted. Yet there’s one by the name of Sailor’s Creek Historical Battlefield State Park whose history is notoriously grim. This state park is laden with Civil War history, and visiting this site today you won’t help but feel the haunting significance of what took place there.

Sailor’s Creek Battlefield State Park is located at 6541 Sayler’s Creek Rd, Rice, VA 23966. For more information about this site, you can visit the official Virginia State Parks page by clicking here. Have you visited this fascinating park recently? If so, we’d love to hear about it! For related content, you’ll enjoy reading about How The Oldest Inn In Virginia Is Also One Of The Most Haunted Places You’ll Ever Sleep.