The One Place In Virginia That Must Be Seen To Be Believed

Virginia’s natural landscape is lovely, but seldom does it strike as bizarre. Unless, of course, you happen to be talking about the Natural Chimneys in Virginia. For anyone who hasn’t visited this incredible natural area in Mount Solon, prepare for an awe-inspiring vision of nature. While the Natural Chimneys are certainly beautiful, it’s the unusual otherworldly shape and height that makes them such a noteworthy attraction. And yet, they are still relatively unknown outside of the local community. Here’s more on why you’ll want to visit these towering formations in person:

Natural Chimneys in Virginia is located at 94 Natural Chimneys Lane, Mount Solon VA 22843. Have you visited this exquisite site? Be sure to share your experience with us in the comments section! We’ve love to hear about your favorite parts of visiting this natural gem. Also, for more information on the Red Wing Roots Music Festival, click here.

Address: Natural Chimneys, Virginia 22843, USA
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Natural Chimneys In Virginia

March 23, 2021

Which Virginia parks should I visit in Virginia?

Virginia is a state that is loaded with history, which in turn results in quite a few landmarks, national parks, and state parks that are worth checking out. We’re not just talking about a handful of parks to visit either—we’ve compiled a list of 17 different Virginia state parks that are worth exploring when you have a free day off. For instance, one of the most visited state parks in Virginia is First Landing, the site where English colonists first landed back in 1607. Additionally, Wildnerness Road State Park in Ewing is another gem that features one of the coolest historic sites in Virginia!

Where can I find the largest rock formations in Virginia?

Believe it or not, the largest, most impressive rock formations in Virginia aren’t above-ground. Deep beneath Virginia’s mountains, you’ll find beautiful caverns and natural rock formations that can be explored by all! There are a variety of caverns that are worth exploring from the Grand Caverns to the Luray Caverns and beyond. Check out these 7 caverns in Virginia that are like stepping into another world entirely. 

Can I hike to historical sites in Virginia?

With the number of historical sites in Virginia that are open to the public, of course, there are plenty that you can actually hike to. In fact, anyone that knows Virginia knows that sometimes it’s best when explored on foot. For instance, the abandoned Wash Woods Settlement trail tells a history of a town that came to be after a shipwreck in the 1600s. Visitors can still see these ruins when they wander the sand trails through False Cape State Park. Check out these 6 trails in Virginia which will take you to historic ruins.

Address: Natural Chimneys, Virginia 22843, USA