Iconic foods in Virginia…where to even begin? We’ve been blessed with delicious cuisine, and we’re proud to share it or talk about it with anyone who asks. If there’s one thing that’s true about Virginia, it’s that you’re never too far away from some of the best food you’ve ever tasted. To get you started, these are some of the most famous foods in Virginia that you simply must try if you visit this beautiful state.

What are some of your other favorite iconic Virginian foods? If you’ve got a sweet tooth, be sure to visit one of the 12 best places in Virginia to get homemade pie.

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Food in Virginia

Where can I find the best burgers in Virginia?

While burgers may not be one of the most famous foods in Virginia, they are one menu item that can make you a customer for life. Some of the best burgers in Virginia can be found in downtown Roanoke at the iconic Texas Tavern. This legendary restaurant has been in business since 1936, and it’s safe to say this eatery is a bit of a celebrity around town. Not only can you get yourself a great burger, but you can also get hot dogs and chili, which are both equally popular menu items here. 

What is the most popular food in Virginia?

Virginia food is unique in that it combines the coastal seafood flavors with traditional southern cuisine, and while there’s not a definitive answer here, we can confidently say that one of the most popular foods in Virginia is Brunswick Stew. This iconic Virginia dish is so important that both Virginia and Georgia argue over who invented Brunswick Stew. While we may never know the true origin roots, you can rest assured that you’ll find this classic stew on just about every menu across the state.

What are the local favorite restaurants in Virginia?

When you visit Virginia, you’ve got to try the BBQ. Virginia has some truly incredible BBQ joints, like Checkered Pig BBQ & Ribs or Pierce’s Pitt Barbecue. Pierce’s has been around since 1971 and many locals will tell you this is the best BBQ in Virginia, and we’d have to agree. A good BBQ joint can be judged by its sides, and the sides here are finger-licking good. Fan favorites include macaroni and cheese, cole slaw, and baked beans but the real star of the show is the homemade cornbread. 

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