This One Destination Has The Absolute Bluest Water In Virginia

Here in Virginia, we love all things water-related. Whether that means a drive to the beach, a hike to a waterfall, or even a trek out to a natural swimming hole. In fact, these natural swimming holes are what tend to resemble paradise the most. That’s definitely the case with Devil’s Bathtub, a hidden gem deep within the woods of southwestern Virginia’s Jefferson Forest.

While Devil’s Bathtub is an incredible sight, hikers should know that it’s quite difficult to access and involves multiple stream-crossings. The area is most easily accessed by means of Devil’s Fork Loop Trail. Learn more about this incredible natural phenomenon and just how to get there:

While Devil’s Bathtub is certainly a phenomenal spot to see, there are loads of other natural swimming spots that you should check out while the weather is still warm. If you’ve hiked Devil’s Fork Loop, be sure to share your experience there!